We certainly do. We offer a price match guarantee, no lemon guarantee and workmanship guarantee for all base HVAC system installations. Full air upgrade installations come with our additional risk protection guarantee – performance. For new system installations that include zoning we also offer a comfort guarantee.

Yes! If there is a brand you are interested in through research or from past experience just let us know your preference and we will provide a custom quote.

At Upton Home Services we quote brands that offer the most efficient equipment and value on the market (inverter driven heat pump systems by Mitsubishi and GREE). Almost everything we quote will qualify for all the current rebates available in California. But because equipment size affects efficiency some of the larger capacity systems may not qualify for some rebates.

If you would like references, we can provide those upon request. In the meantime, check out our Google reviews.

By default our base HVAC system matchups are based on national standards as defined by the AHRI certificate. All work will be performed to code as a baseline and to pass the requirements of state mandated HERs test by an independent third party rater. All our system installations, that include new duct systems,  are based on ASHRAE 221 refrigerant and airflow standards that ensure optimal performance. 

During your in-home visit we will make recommendations based on our measured findings – such as sealing existing ducts to a baseline duct test, optimizing existing airflow or fully upgrading your ducting to manufacturer specifications. Extra charges apply.

Most new installations can be scheduled and installed the next day after your in-home measurement. *Equipment shortages due to supply chain issues are becoming a more prevalent issue daily. Your exact installation date may vary due to supply chain factors out of our control. 

All our system installations come with a variety of warranties! Most brands come with a factory warranty that covers major parts. Factory warranties typically range from 5, 7 and up to 10 years.  Because Upton Home Services is a Diamond contractor for Mitsubishi all their equipment comes with a 12 year manufacturers warranty. We also offer extended parts and labor warranties.

All paperwork is processed and coordinated by one of our in-house project managers. They will guide you through the entire process and complete all necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Permits fees are required and vary based on your location and not included on this estimate. In many cases, you will also be required to update your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, these are not included by default. Each town and county are a little different, your project manager will add permits at time of in-home sizing appointment.