heat pump installation

Heat Pump Installation

What’s more important than staying warm in the cold? Heat pump installation possibly! In 2022 the federal government enacted the Inflation Reduction Act, leading the way for heat pump installation rebates and tax credits. Proper heating makes a home much more livable. Upton’s technicians can install, inspect, and maintain your home’s heating system so that you’re never left out in the cold. 

What tax credits and rebates are available for heat pump installation? 

Check out this wonderful website with IRA calculator to learn more about the resources available to you.

There are many factors to consider when converting your existing gas furnace to a heat pump system. We’ve written a comprehensive guide Ultimate Comfort: Your Home’s HVAC System 101 to help you get familiarized with a total comfort system.

When selecting a contractor there are many factors to consider. First is timing, since many rebates are based on programs and funding. Not all rebates are currently available and some will be exhausted by the time the IRA federal funds hit the state level. Upton Home Services can help provide details so you can make an educated decision on what works best for you.

Check out some of our blogs on rebates and tax credits or schedule an estimate today!

Other considerations are supportive services such as ongoing heat pump maintenance. Our heat pump maintenance program encompasses maintaining all aspects of your total comfort system. Check out our info page on our residential membership program.


What type of project management do you offer?

  • Dedicated project coordinator
  • Dedicated comfort advisor
  • Equipment removal and disposal
  • Crane
  • Permits
  • Rebate documentation and processing
  • Performance testing
  • Duct testing
  • CAS testing
  • Load calculations
  • Energy Audit

Where will the heat pump installation be located?

We can install your system in its existing location or move to a new location depending on what’s optimal for your home and your preferences. Traditional locations for the heat pump air handler are in the attic, hallway closet, garage, basement or crawl space, wall-mounted, floor-mounted or ceiling mounted. If you have an existing installation in the attic – we may need to build a custom attic catwalk and platform to ensure the work can be completed.

What does the air handler look like?

It could be ducted style, wall mounted, floor mounted, ceiling mounted, ceiling cassette or ceiling mounted to name a few. These are the most common types of heat pump air handlers. We can handle all types of applications – hoisting an air handler, suspending an air handler, mounting an air handler or using a stacking bracket depending on your home’s needs.

Will I need electrical work for my heat pump installation?

Electrical is part of every mechanical installation. Standard kits include dedicated disconnect for both indoor and outdoor units and electrical whip connection. You may also need one or multiple dedicated romex or conduit electrical circuits based on the new system being installed and your home’s requirements. In 2023 – there are more rebates becoming available for dedicated electrical circuits. Other applications are junction boxes with a variety of single and three-way switches and/or light with pull chain to bring your attic up to code.

Will I need plumbing work for my heat pump installation?

Depending on your requirements you may need a drain pan, condensate pump and drain line with tubing. We also offer gas water heater installation, electric water heater installation and hybrid heat pump installation. The hybrid heat pump installation is the only rebate-qualifying type of water heater. Some comfort options for the hybrid water heater include a recirculating pump to enhance water heat response time, leak detection protection as well as isolation pads for noise reduction. The heat pump water heater also requires a water flex system, expansion tank and mixing valve to meet specifications. Manufacturers are currently developing more advanced hydronic systems that integrate heat pump hvac and heat pump water heaters as a complete system. These types of complete hydronic heat pump systems are likely not coming out until 2025 and beyond.

What types of zoning and controls do you offer?

Heat pump installations can be zoned in many combinations. The mini-split technology generally comes with all the styles listed above – the most common setup being one ducted air handler but multi-zones are also available. For single air handler applications, an interface module can connect to separate controls to create multiple zones. We generally zone with Honeywell but these interface systems can pair with most types of smart controls depending on your brand preference.

Other miscellaneous controls include smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for safety. We can install one or as many as your home requires.

How do I maintain my warranty?

There are two types of warranties – manufacturer and extended parts and labor coverage. You’ll want to carefully consider your extended parts and labor warranty. Every aspect of your system can have a warranty – the actual system to any additional add-ons like water heater, controls, attic fans etc. Both manufacturers and extended parts and labor warranties require regular maintenance. You’ll also want to make sure to have a surge protector in place as failure due to power surge is not covered. 

Will my new heat pump installation require new ducting?

It depends. An energy audit can reveal if your duct system is lacking and in some cases your duct system won’t pass testing without replacement. We can install new ducting or replace existing ducting for heat pump water heaters and traditional hvac heat pumps. Examples include new flexible supply duct runs, new supply register, new return air filter grills, sealing ductwork, insulating ductwork and custom sheet metal transition from the evaporator coil to duct.

What about air filtration? Is heat pump maintenance enough to maintain my new heat pump installation?

Regular filter wash, filter change or media change is required to keep your system clean and functioning. We can quote you any number of disposable filters, media air cleaners, electronic air cleaners, HEPA filters, carbon filters, washable air filters, germicidal and oxidation air cleaners to name a few. All will help maintain your hvac system’s life.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We have multiple options. No interest, no payments the same as cash. Low monthly payment and interest. 

What’s more important than staying warm in the cold? Heat pump installation possibly!



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