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Smart Controls

Wi-fi and Learning Thermostats

What’s more convenient than a smart control that responds to a voice command? One that learns your schedule and automatically adjusts your temperatures to what you need. These smart devices are great for saving energy, and can even show you your recent energy usage. Many come with energy-saving settings, and you can adjust your temperature with your smartphone or even a voice command. Perfect for those sci-fi fans among us who want to feel like we’re living in the future already. 

No more waking up in the mornings and walking across a cold floor to get the heat going! You can do it from the comfort of your own bed, and at Upton, your comfort is our top priority.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats

We mentioned one above, but the biggest benefit of a wi-fi thermostat is that you can control your temperature from a distance. You don’t have to physically adjust the thermostat in order to have the right temperature. This feature has quite a few uses. 

  • Adjust the temperature in the morning without having to step out on a cold floor
  • If it turns out to be a particularly cold (or warm!) day, you can always adjust your temperature from work before you ever get home, making sure your home feels perfect
  • Set schedules to automatically set or adjust temperatures at specified times

Helping You Save Energy

Learning thermostats help you to save energy in several ways. First, many of them come with built-in energy saving settings, engaging at optimal times to meet certain thresholds. Of course, you can always manually adjust your temperate, turning down the heat or AC in order to save energy.

Many of these thermostat apps will show you the home’s recent energy usage. This lets you pinpoint peak usage or see if the thermostat has been used without your knowledge. If you find that you’re only using AC during the hottest part of the day, maybe you can employ fans, or open windows and doors (with proper screens, of course) to create cross-breezes and use the AC less. 

Saving energy saves money, which is the kind of value Upton always strives to bring you, our customer. 

Replacing Old Thermostats

One other fringe benefit of installing a newer thermostat with wi-fi capabilities is simply replacing an older, less efficient thermostat. This can also save you money, as well as hassle when your system runs into problems. 

Consider a wi-fi thermostat if you want greater control over your home temperature, if you want to save energy, and if you like the idea of staying nice and warm in those chilly mornings!

What’s more convenient than a thermostat that responds to a voice command? One that learns your schedule and automatically adjusts your temperatures to what you need.


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