Air Sealing

California's building standards have gotten much stricter in recent years. Existing ducts often won't meet the code requirements to pass a duct and permit inspection. Heating or cooling loss in the duct system is also a drain on energy usage.

Attic Insulation

Adding an insulation material can help improve your home’s ability to retain temperature. The net effect is lower energy usage and better insulation.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Equally important to your temperature is your indoor air quality. After all, you spend your day breathing that air, right? The better the air, the better you feel. Upton will be happy to take care of your air quality and remove airborne irritants so that we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  We offer three types of indoor air quality solutions specifically tailored for residential homes. We can address dust, allergens, bacteria, mold, odors and noxious gasses. Our solutions are designed to provide support post-installation with uv bulb, oxi bulb and HEPA filter change every two years with maintenance service. Air Filters & Air Quality Purification Your HVAC system employs air filters to do just that: filter particles from the...


Speciality whole house fans can provide additional ventilation and cool your home quickly.

Water Heater Installation

Modern heat pump water heaters pay special attention to energy efficiency. The heaters are rated on their ability to lower your home’s energy useage.